Globalization and fair trade – what does this have to do with me? Greenwalker answers this question with our somewhat different „Bonnfairtraut!?” city walk. With interactive methods on our tours we offer insights into the production and trade routes of products. Alternatives, sustainable shopping, and local initiatives are being discovered together. The guided tours through the city center take place the fourth Saturday of each month, with themes like clothing, mobile phones, cosmetics, chocolate, sustainable food, climate protection, and mobility.

We cordially invite you to participate. For schools, organizations and associations we offer individual tours, by appointment. We receive support from the “Eine Welt Netz NRW” (One World Network of NRW), Engagement Global’s “Bildung trifft Entwicklung” (Education Meets Development) program, and the City of Bonn.

Here you can find an article about our city walks.